question about MultiParty collaboration in bpss

Dear All

I have some questions about Multiparty collaboration :  

1) In my understanding, multiparty collaboration should be created base on
the binary collaboration, so I expected that the choreography of
MulitParty collaboration should show the ordering of the binary
collaborations. However, in the document, the choreography is specified by

2)In the sample in Appendix A , we have two Binary collaboration(BC) with Business Transaction Activity (BTA) as "Create Order" , as you know we call these BC with their BTA ,I dont know which "Create Order" must be consider?(notify that their Initialing Role and Responding Role are equals.)

3)In the sample in Appendix A, it specify there is a Transition from
"Create Order" to "Check Credit" in BusinessPartnerRole "Retailer". Does
it means that when a customer make a Binary Collaboration "Product
Fulfillment", after the "Create Order" finish, the Retailer can choose to
jump to Check Credit state?


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I think that you must be reading the BPSS 1.01 specification, right?

The most recent versions are in various formats in

Are you really interested in working with BPSS version 1.01? I strongly recommend moving to the OASIS ebBP version 2.0 which resolves many of the deficiencies and frequent incompleteness of the earlier version 1.01.

For version 2, Binary and MultipartyCollaborations are retained to allow for easier conversion from version 1.x BPSS business process descriptions. For new work, BusinessCollaboration is the main choreographic container. Within a BusinessCollaboration, there should be Start, Success and Failure pseudostates, and all transitions should be documented by ToState and/or FromStates, whatever transition construct (Transition, Decision, Fork, Join ) is used. The "states" (BusinessTransactionActivity, CollaborationActivity, ComplexBusinessTransactionActivity) will all use Performs elements to document how the BusinessCollaborationRoles connect to the Roles in the BusinessCollaborations, etc that are referenced. The underlying, reusable BusinessTransactions are however always (so far) have two Roles. Will comment separately on points 2 and 3... Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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