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ebCore Agreement Update specification


Feedback welcome on a proposed new specification aimed primarily at certificate rollover in B2B:


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Drummond Group Certifies Newest ebMS 2.0 Secure Messaging Products

AUSTIN, TX — March 16, 2015 — Drummond Group Inc.,
the trusted leader in interoperability software testing, today announced
the completion of its ebMS-4Q14 interoperability test event in which
five products are newly Drummond Certified™. New software applications
developed by Axway, Cleo, E2open, IBM and OpenText GXS participated in
this latest vendor-neutral test event. ebMS 2.0 products are globally
utilized in several industries, including automotive, financial
services, government, healthcare and retail.

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Latest AS4 Standard-Based Products Drummond Certified™

Axway, Flame Computing, IBM, Oracle and Software AG participate in interoperability test event


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Seeburger: AS4/ebMS 3.0 communications made easy

A modern B2B gateway to your partners

AS4 is quickly gaining traction. AS4, short for Applicability Statement 4, is a so-called Conformance Profile of the ebXML/ebMS 3.0 (Electronic Business Message Services) specification. As such, it is governed by well-known OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards).

As a modern WebServices-based stack of protocols, AS4/ebMS 3.0 offers many advantages over home-grown EDI communications solutions.
Widespread adoption gaining momentum

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e-SENS e-Delivery

The objective of the e-SENS building block “e-Delivery” is to establish a common transport infrastructure suited to the requirements of cross-border communication between e-Government applications in different domains. This common transport infrastructure leverages the work of the previous LSPs and combines their results in a modular approach. The goal is for the infrastructures in use by the other LSPs to converge over time towards this common standard.



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