Webswell Connect v2.0.6

A new release of Webswell Connect - open source integration tool v2.0.6 is now available.

Webswell Connect provides open source technological infrastructure that enables companies to take part in documents interchange based on the ebXML, web services and AS2 standards. It contains: - ebXML, web services and AS2-compliant messaging system Hermes 2  as well as an ebxml Registry and Repository 3.0 + CVS updates for business objects.

Other features include demonstration, simulation and testing utilities, and a multi-platform java installer.

Changes in latest version: - Added support of Windows services for Tomcat - Dispatcher 1.1.1, improved error handling and updates for the installer for Windows systems.
Webswell Inc. also provides a fully customizable ebXML Registry/Repository together with client-side components provide  APIs that allow seamless integration of ebXML Registry/Repository with legacy software systems. The client-side interfaces are based on either
Java or C/C++ and can be used to manage all Registry/Repository content programmatically without manual intervention, observing all security and access control rules [July 2007]
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