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JEITA common Ver1.0 compatible client is released first in the industry in ebMS3.0 JEITA. This software is a client-side software to support communication conforming to the CSS type ebMS3.0 (primary station 2). Transceiver for use in addition to JEITA ECALGA, GP JAMP information distribution platform capable of rules REACH (global portal)-AS (Application Services) about the connection, this software has been adopted as the communication backbone AS. Those who built the AS in-house, you can also use the AS who are constructed as a commercial vendors.

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About Common Client Software Download
This time, the standard work on software to achieve low cost and easy to send and receive EDI data through the Internet, "a common client software" has developed.
"Client Software" common are electronic data interchange JEITA EC Center (EDI)
Are provided free of charge as part of its further promotion.
"Client Software" Common hit the use of the available information and the terms on the read, please download and run. Note 1: When downloaded from the website, the terms and conditions apply.

Common client JEITA (provided free of charge: Japan only.) 
Inexpensive and easily implemented to send and receive EDI data via the Internet 

Download the software from JEITA EDI Client download page.

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