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ebXML Message Service Adapter enhances medical data transfer at Helse Vest, Norway

According to a press release by Covast, the Covast ebXML Message Service Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server has been adopted by Helse Vest IKT AS, the ICT management center for healthcare institutions in western Norway. The Norwegian healthcare sector adopted ebXML as the communication standard of choice. With the Covast ebXML Message Service Adapter, Helse Vest can exchange ebXML messages from within BizTalk Server. The whole working experience has also been improved by a new user-friendly graphic interface together with a CPA/CPP editing functionality.

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Web Services External (WS-X): An AS4 Implementation at Cisco

Modern economy compels business organizations to optimize their operations. For such optimization, an organization often specializes in certain core areas, and may outsource non-core activities to other organizations. Such outsourcing results in complex inter-organizational business processes. The participant organizations employ diverse industry standards based on proprietary and Internet protocols to implement these processes.

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ebMS connects youth care agencies, youth and family counselling services and child protection agencies in the Netherlands

Axway have published a case study of one of their ebMS customers, MOgroep in the Netherlands: 

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Use of ebXML in Portuguese footwear industry

A short case study has been published of a deployment of the eBIZ architecture for the textile, clothing and footwear industries.  This deployment uses ebXML Messaging based on the Hermes open source product.



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Advancing e-Business among Textile and Clothing SMEs in Greece and Hungary using UBL and ebXML 

The companies involved, their business and the eBusiness network 

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