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Batch Service in ebMS

Hi All,

- Any one examined/experienced pros and cons in using ebMS multi payload capabilities to  send mutiple request which effectively serves as batch service or bulk service.

- Is it better to use multi-payload capabilities in real time




Question on handling multiple CPA's


I would like to know if multiple CPA's can be handled between the same 2 partners. For example, I have created partner A and B using details provided in CPA1 with CPAID1, would it be correct if I receive a CPA2 with CPAID2 for the same partners A and B? How is this to be handled then? Should it over-write existing configuration for partners A and B or add on to the existing configuration?
Also what would be then the CPAID present in the EBMS message header for any Ebxml document being sent out?

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Repeating or regular transations?

Please forgive a newbie question, but I can't find the answer.

I am looking to implement a system where suppliers commit to regularly providing data to their customers. Is it possible to set up CPPs and a CPA to include the requirement for repeating information? Everything I have seen has shown a single transaction within the protocols.


The sort of thing I would like to do is:



    • Request information x,y & z every 12 months, information a & b every quarter 



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Where are the Schemas

Hello, Worked on OAGIS XML not OASIS a few years ago and all I had to do was download  a zip file with xsd shemas, these contained orders Invoices etc.

I cant find the equivalent on OASIS for example want a Product Catalogue schema.

How does it work?

Got XML Spy as tool.

Same type for multiple PartyId ?

Is it possible to use this in ebMS/ebXML 2.0 Messaging service ?

Same type for multiple PartyId 

 <eb:PartyId eb:type="urn:duns">123456789</eb:PartyId>
 <eb:PartyId eb:type="urn:duns">11111111</eb:PartyId>

 <eb:PartyId eb:type="SCAC">RDWY</PartyId>
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