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XML invoice structure


Looking in ebxml i stood with a doubt of which should be a xml inoive structure to use with ebxml.
I'll be thankfull if you can help me.

Rosa Wemans

Which CCTS Specification should I use?

Hello everybody.

I'm investigating about ebXML and after some weeks I managed to convince my bosses in order to adopt ebXML framework. Now we are diving into more deep investigations but I have a doubt. I've found the version 3.0 of the UN/CEFACT Core Components Technical Specification ( but the ISO-1500, called ebXML CCTS is in version 2.01 (you can see it in the references in the previous url; and also made by the UN/CEFACT). I also found some differences between these documents.

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ebXML Component Dependencies

Hello list

I'm looking at ebXML viability for adoption as a messaging standard in a health sector.  I have some questions, in particular with ebXML-MS messaging, where we have some requirements I need to be assured can be met.

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Common business processes found on ebXML

I have been refering to this document
(>Technical Reports <> >Catalog of Common
Business Processes v1.0).

However, i realise that this document is written in 2001. May I know where can i refer to for a more updated version of common business processes? Is there a similar new list like the one listed above?

question about MultiParty collaboration in bpss

Dear All

I have some questions about Multiparty collaboration :  

1) In my understanding, multiparty collaboration should be created base on
the binary collaboration, so I expected that the choreography of
MulitParty collaboration should show the ordering of the binary
collaborations. However, in the document, the choreography is specified by

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