Proceedings for ebXML / UBL workshop in Rome published

Now that the event has passed, OASIS has published the proceedings for the ebXML workshop at UBL International. Together, the presentations give an overview of where ebXML is today, more than eight years after the initial ebXML project started and several years after ebXML ceased to be at the "hype" stage.

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Naming conventions for documents submitted to/delivered by an ebXML message handler


A short discussion on naming conventions for XML documents submitted to, or received from, an ebXML message handler is posted to the ebXML-Dev mailing list: 


2007: A Marquee Year for ebXML

An article summarizing the achievements in 2007 for ebXML is now available from the ebXMLforum.

Details of new tools and a whole selection of resource links are provided.

Projects and developments with ebXML in 2007 are called out along with a look ahead to 2008. 


Drummond Certified™ Program Announces 6 Software Products Certified for Global ebXML Interoperability

AUSTIN, TX—Jan. 15, 2008—Drummond Group Inc. (DGI), the leading B2B interoperability certification company, today announced that six software products from six companies successfully completed the Drummond Certified™ program’s ebMS (ebXML Message Service)-4Q07 interoperability testing.

Companies demonstrating interoperability among their products in the ebMS-4Q07 test round included Axway, Cleo Communications, Generix Group, IBM, Inovis, and TIBCO Software Inc.

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Using ebXML, Messaging EDA and SOA to Implement an Interoperability Platform in a G2B Environment

 This presentation by Axway at the OASIS Open Standards forum references a large scale deployment of ebXML Messaging in Asia.  The exchange of customs documents between Thailand and the Philippines uses ebXML Messages. 

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