UK healthcare deployment: 500 ebXML Messages per second


Jagdip Grewal, Chief Technical Architect, NHS Connecting for Health, presented at the OASIS Open Standards forum in London.  Connecting for Health is a large scale deployment of ebXML Messaging.  Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions are a five hundred messages per second. This may go up to seven hundred, the audience was told. 


OASIS Standard vote for ebXML Messaging version 3.0, part 1


The ballot for OASIS Standard vote for ebXML Messaging version 3.0, part 1, was passed with 81 members voting, all positive.





Figuring out WSDL interoperability nuances - time for ebXML?

Seems that the more things change - the more they stay the same.  While WSDL provides a lightweight collaboration model - getting those WSDL definitions to match can sometimes be quite a challenge.

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New Releases of H20, Webswell and ebXML Registry this week

Three open source projects for ebXML all announced new releases and features this past week.

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Practical solutions for eBusiness

The global eBusiness domain presents challenges for open standards and technology as the landscape is diverse, widely distributed and heterogeneous.  That it important to understand in the the standards that are developed and their integration into products, services and solutions. 

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