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Radix emerges to launch Java software development with a vision attaining global attraction

Radix, a software outsourcing web Development Company Ahmedabad, India introduces Java with a bold varieties of features to the clients promising many more beneficial business. Radix has been providing software outsourcing web development services to the various countries of abroad to suffice the business needs as in very much expected manner by the clients.

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Soap over JMS

Soap over JMS is a very good idea, I think. But there need to be some work done on the productivity and connectivity, to be really useful. I would not dare to say that there is no future for Soap over JMS. But I think in most cases I would need the reliability over a very long distance... If you do indeed have the same requirement (reliable messaging over a long distance) I would suggest you take a look into the ebXML/ebMS standards. Oracle Integration B2B for example could help you with that.

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Public Review of ebMS Transport Binding for Digital Signature Services

OASIS is conducting a public review of the ebXML Messaging Transport Binding for Digital Signature Services version 1.0, which has been approved by the consortium's Digital Signature Services eXtended (DSS-X) Technical Committee as a Committee Draft. The specification defines an alternative transport binding for the DSS Core standard that uses the OASIS ebXML Messaging Service. This profile is compatible with ebMS 2.0 and 3.0. The public review is open from 30 May to 29 August 2008. OASIS seeks feedback from potential users, developers and all other interested parties.

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Webswell Inc. releases a new version of ebXML-based BT Openreach WLR3 integration solution

Webswell Inc. releases the Webswell telConnect 2.0 Enterprise Edition solution that allows Communications Providers (CP) to migrate onto the BT Openreach WLR3. By 2010, all Communications Providers are required to migrate to WLR3 platform in order to make the wholesale line rental services automated and transparent. Webswell telConnect is intended to help them to reduce the complexity and risks or that transition by introducing the B2B gateway that communicates with BR Openreach WLR3 Equivalence Management Platform (EMP) on one side and CP's back-end systems on the other side.

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Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing

Dave Berry of the UK National e-Science Centre (NeSC) writes, "At HC2008 I was introduced to the XDS standard for Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (not to be confused with several other uses of the XDS acronym). XDS is a profile of the ebXML standards for registries and other related standards to specify a system for sharing medical documents. The important point is that XDS is supported by several major vendors and has been deployed in clinical health systems in several countries. As far as I'm aware, it has not made any impact in the grid world.

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