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ResourceOASIS ebXML Standards for eGovernment Integration Pim09 years 26 weeks ago
ResourceHL7 Version 3 Standard: Transport Specification - ebXML, Release 2 Pim09 years 29 weeks ago
ResourceThe Global Justice Reference Architecture (JRA) ebXML Messaging Service Interaction Profile Version 1.0 Pim09 years 30 weeks ago
Blog entryProceedings for ebXML / UBL workshop in Rome published Pim09 years 36 weeks ago
EventOASIS ebXML Rome Workshop Pim19 years 38 weeks ago
NewsDrummond Group Announces Formation of AS4 at OASIS which offers AS2 Simplicity for Web Services Pim09 years 39 weeks ago
Blog entryNaming conventions for documents submitted to/delivered by an ebXML message handler Pim09 years 41 weeks ago
EventETSI ebXML B2B plugtest Pim09 years 45 weeks ago
NewsProposal to Profile ebMS v3 (On behalf of Timothy Bennett, Drummond Group) Pim09 years 46 weeks ago
ResourceebXML used in research project to provide services in agrocultural domain Pim09 years 47 weeks ago
ResourceebXML Messaging in Netherlands government; project for exchange of energy labels for buildings Pim09 years 50 weeks ago
NewsebXML as ISO/TS 15000: ISO Systematic Review with an open ballot Pim010 years 1 week ago
NewsebXML Registry used for semantic interoperability of pan-European eGovernment services Pim010 years 1 week ago
NewsIBM Websphere adds native support for ebXML Messaging and CPA Pim210 years 1 week ago
Blog entryDigital Signature Services eXtended (DSS-X) TC intends to work on an ebXML profile Pim110 years 8 weeks ago
Blog entryPromoting ebXML for SMEs in Japan and Asia Pim210 years 8 weeks ago
Blog entryUK healthcare deployment: 500 ebXML Messages per second Pim010 years 9 weeks ago
Blog entryUsing ebXML, Messaging EDA and SOA to Implement an Interoperability Platform in a G2B Environment Pim010 years 10 weeks ago
Blog entryOASIS Standard vote for ebXML Messaging version 3.0, part 1 Pim010 years 13 weeks ago
Blog entryUse of ebXML Messaging, CPA and Business Process in Netherlands government Pim110 years 14 weeks ago
TestimonialebMS V3 tested for B2B in the Automotive Industry Pim010 years 18 weeks ago
EventOASIS Open Standards Forum: Enabling Transformational Government through Web Services and SOA Pim010 years 19 weeks ago
EventOASIS Symposium: ebXML related news Pim010 years 20 weeks ago
ResourceComment lists for OASIS ebXML Technical Committees Pim010 years 33 weeks ago
Blog entryProduct entries for Axway, Fujitsu and IBM added Pim010 years 33 weeks ago
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