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NewsDutch energy sector formally approves AS4 Energy Market Profile Pim01 year 23 weeks ago
NewsTesting the Asynchronous AS4 Option for the e-Health Domain Pim01 year 52 weeks ago
NewsIHE Publishes Asynchronous AS4 Supplement Pim01 year 52 weeks ago
NewsDrummond Group’s AS4 Interoperability Testing Certifies Four Products Pim03 years 18 weeks ago
Evente-Legal Court Case using AS4 in Slovenia Pim03 years 20 weeks ago
NewsEASEE-gas recommends migration from AS2 to OASIS AS4 and ebCore AU Pim03 years 31 weeks ago
NewsENTSOG publishes conference presentations Pim03 years 39 weeks ago
NewsEuropean Commission Invests in AS4 to Accelerate the Digital Single Market Pim03 years 40 weeks ago
NewsAS4 mandated in EU for exchange of Passenger Name Record data Pim03 years 43 weeks ago
NewsCECID Hermes Celebrates its 15th Anniversary with Launch of Version 2.1 Pim04 years 2 weeks ago
NewsENTSOG publishes guidance document for use of ebCore Agreement Update Pim04 years 6 weeks ago
NewsKeyInfo library released Pim34 years 11 weeks ago
NewsENTSOG Updates AS4 Documentation Pim04 years 11 weeks ago
NewsebCore Agreement Update Specification v1.0 published by the OASIS ebXML Core (ebCore) TC Pim04 years 21 weeks ago
NewsAS4 in German Energy Market Pim04 years 24 weeks ago
NewsOpen Source software for ebCore CPPA3 Pim14 years 27 weeks ago
News15-day Public Review for ebCore Agreement Update Specification V1.0 - ends July 18th Pim04 years 34 weeks ago
NewsFinal Release of Domibus 3.1 is Out Now! Pim04 years 41 weeks ago
EventInformation session on the AS4 profile of the CEF eDelivery building block Pim14 years 45 weeks ago
NewsConnect Europe Facility (CEF) e-Delivery Portal Pim04 years 45 weeks ago
News/N Software AS4 Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Pim04 years 49 weeks ago
EventE-SENS AS4 at CEBIT Pim04 years 51 weeks ago
NewsAS4 for Dummies Pim05 years 3 weeks ago
NewsSlovenia to adopt ebMS3 for Secure e-Delivery in Public Administration Pim05 years 3 weeks ago
NewsEU e-SENS AS4 Conformance Test Event Pim05 years 13 weeks ago
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