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ebXML Podcasts

Conducted by Sacha Schlegel
This series of audio interviews with peer experts on ebXML offers unique, accessible insight into the status and history of ebXML and related technologies advanced by OASIS and UN/CEFACT.

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Professional ebXML Foundations

By Pim Van Der Eijk, Duane Nickull, J. J. Dubray, Colleen Evans, Pim van der Eijk, Vivek Chopra, Wrox Author Team, David Chappell, Betty Harvey, Marcel Noordzij, Jan Vegt, Tim McGrath
This book is for developers who are familiar with XML and who need to understand and apply the ebXML specifications in order implement or integrate with an electronic trading system.

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ebXML: The New Global Standard

By Alan Kotok and David Webber
This is the first book on the subject of ebXML, and the first overall discussion of the technology written for business people, the ones who make the basic decisions on implementing e-business in a company. 

Also available in Chinese: ISBN: 7-115-10319-4

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ebXML Simplified: A Guide to the New Standard for Global E Commerce

By Eric Chiu
This book provides a concise, yet thorough introduction to ebXML and features guidelines for making strategic decisions concerning ebXML implementation. Following an overview of ebXML, the problems it solves, and how it relates to other standards, the author explains how major B2B vendors plan to integrate ebXML into their products.

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ebXML is being deployed worldwide. If you are aware of additional support, please add to this page (log in and select the "edit" tab). (See Case studies for detailed descriptions of representative implementations.)

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