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ENTSOG Updates AS4 Documentation

ENTSOG has published an update version 3 of its AS4 profile on its Web site.  This version contains some updates made in response to implementation experience. The main new feature is the requirement to support the recent OASIS ebCore Agreement Update (AU) specification for certificate updates.

There is also an update for the "How to Set Up an AS4 System" document.  It has new content that explains in more detail how users can configure processing modes for the ENTSOG AS4 profile and the ENTSOG AS4 mapping table.

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ebCore Agreement Update Specification v1.0 published by the OASIS ebXML Core (ebCore) TC

OASIS is pleased to announce the approval and publication of a new Committee Specification by the members of the OASIS ebXML Core (ebCore) TC[1]:

ebCore Agreement Update Specification Version 1.0
Committee Specification 01
18 September 2016

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AS4 in German Energy Market

The EDNA Bundesverband Energiemarkt & Kommunikation e.V. proposes to migrate the complete market communication within the next three years to AS4 as communication protocol and XML as data format. 


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15-day Public Review for ebCore Agreement Update Specification V1.0 - ends July 18th

The ebCore Agreement Update specification defines message exchanges and an XML schema to support the exchange of messaging service communication agreement update requests and the associated responses to such requests.

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Final Release of Domibus 3.1 is Out Now!

We are happy to announce the release of the production-ready  Domibus v3.1 sample implementation of the eDelivery Access Point, which has been released as open source software under the EUPL license.

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