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Using ebXML, Messaging EDA and SOA to Implement an Interoperability Platform in a G2B Environment

 This presentation by Axway at the OASIS Open Standards forum references a large scale deployment of ebXML Messaging in Asia.  The exchange of customs documents between Thailand and the Philippines uses ebXML Messages. 

Via service providers, this link connects many  thousands of exporting and importing companies. 


UK healthcare deployment: 500 ebXML Messages per second


Jagdip Grewal, Chief Technical Architect, NHS Connecting for Health, presented at the OASIS Open Standards forum in London.  Connecting for Health is a large scale deployment of ebXML Messaging.  Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions are a five hundred messages per second. This may go up to seven hundred, the audience was told. 

Data Modeling and ebXML for Supply Chain Traceability

This presentation refers to a specific data model to support supply chain traceability.

It shows how, upon a proper modeling process of the overall supply chain, ebXML can be proficiently used to cope with business interoperability issues in the context of traceability information systems. In particular, exchange of traceability information can proficiently exploit the ebXML messaging system.

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Why is ebMS 3.0 being developed in two parts?

A number of OASIS members and supporters wanted the basic functionality as soon as possible (especially the pull functionality) as they have large user bases in the SME arena that need a lightweight intermittently connectable client to deal with major corporations. The OASIS ebMS Technical Committee decided to deliver the base mandatory functionality as soon as possible and to deliver the optional more complex/advanced/less-used functionality later.

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Members Approve ebXML Messaging Services 3.0 as OASIS Standard

Axway Software, Fujitsu, NEC, Sun Microsystems, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and Others Collaborate on New Version of Global Standard for Exchanging Business Messages over the Internet

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