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The ebXML Registry Information Model OASIS Standard (ISO 15000-3) and the ebXML Registry Services Specification OASIS Standard (ISO 15000-4) define interoperable registries and repositories, with an interface that enables submission, query and retrieval of contents. The specifications are advanced by the OASIS ebXML Registry Technical Committee, a group that remains open to new participation.

For more information, see the TC Charter and FAQ.

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Significant milestones in the development and adoption of ebXML include:

September 1999   
United Nations and OASIS Join Forces to Produce Global XML Framework for Electronic Business

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Are there royalty fees for the use of ebXML?

OASIS provides ebXML specifications free of charge. There are no royalties or fees associated with the use of the ebXML specifications. Openness of the ebXML specifications is a requirement in order t

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What development environments does ebXML support?

ebXML was designed to be independent of equipment, software platforms or communication networks. As long as a system supports standard Internet transport protocols and XML, it should also support ebXM

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How does ebXML affect an existing IT infrastructure?

If a company does not yet exchange electronic business data, ebXML means making the connections to send and receive these messages, authenticating other parties, editing the contents of the messages, and mapping the data to internal systems.

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