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Public Review Begins for ebXML Registry Profile for Web Ontology Language (OWL) Version 1.5

OASIS announced the publication of a public review draft for the "ebXML Registry Profile for Web Ontology Language (OWL) Version 1.5" specification, ending 11-February-2007. Produced by members of the OASIS ebXML Registry Semantic Content Management Subcommittee, this document defines the ebXML Registry profile for publishing, management, discovery, and reuse of OWL Lite Ontologies.

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UK NHS Connecting for Health use of ebXML

There was an excellent presentation on the UK National Health Service Connecting for Health project at the recent OASIS Adoption Forum in London. The presentation is available at the proceedings. Some relevant statistics on slide 11:

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Norway’s Largest Government Agency Wins IDG’s InfoWorld 100 Award for ebXML Messaging Solution with Xenos terminalONE

Xenos Group Inc. announced that its Xenos terminalONE Transport™ customer, the Norwegian Directorate of Labour and Welfare (NAV), was named a winner in the healthcare category of the InfoWorld 100 awards for 2006. The annual InfoWorld 100 awards honour the most innovative and cutting-edge implementations of enterprise technology to further business goals. Winners were formally announced in the 13th November 2006 print edition of InfoWorld.

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Oracle AS Integration B2B tutorial for ebXML / ebMS now online

Oracle have made available an excellent step-by-step tutorial on configuring their B2B product suite for use with ebXML.

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Digital Signature Services using ebXML

Digital Signature Services (DSS) is a specification developed at OASIS:

It defines a protocol to request a server to digitally sign a document, or to request verification of a signature. It has bindings to HTTP and SOAP 1.2, but an ebXML Messaging binding makes sense for communities that use ebXML, and offers various benefits such as asynchronous operation and reliable messaging. I've suggested a standardized ebXML Messaging binding for DSS in the following message to the DSS TC.

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