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WLR3 Portal Becomes Integral Part of the Webswell telConnect Enterprise Edition

Webswell UK Ltd. releases a web-based portal solution within the Webswell telConnect B2B platform. The new WLR3Portal (in its version 1.2) now becomes part of the telConnect Enterprise Edition v. 2.5. The WLR3Portal allows , apart from managing and browsing wlr3 traffic passed through the telConnect framework, also manual construction of valid wlr3 documents. This approach is ideal for small Communications Providers that do not need or that cannot afford pricey automated integration with their back-ends.

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Flame Computing Enterprises: FMS

The Flame Message Server (FMS) is a multi-protocol secure business message server providing the middleware for communicating business messages over industry standard protocols conforming to the ebMS V3.0  and the ©RosettaNet RNIF V2.0 specifications. FMS provides the critical middleware in the implementation of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) between heterogeneous business processes. 

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Use of ebXML Messaging by Child Protection Agency in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, VIR is a national electronic system that collects and distributes risk warnings from care workers. Care workers use the system to record warnings about risks of the children and young people (up to 23 years of age) they work with. By registering these warnings in a national system, different care workers quickly find out if a colleague is also monitoring a child, so that they can contact each other and agree on the best approach.

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Covast Adds ebXML Capabilities to Microsoft BizTalk Server

Covast today announced the general availability of its ebXML Messaging Service Adapter for BizTalk Server. The Covast ebXML Messaging Service Adapter will allow current and future BizTalk Server customers to conduct B2B transactions using the global ebXML standard. 

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Efficient: an open source toolset for modeling, animating and validating e-transactions

Our research center has created an open source, visual toolset for the planning, design and prototyping of electronic messages.

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