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OASIS Standard vote for ebXML Messaging version 3.0, part 1


The ballot for OASIS Standard vote for ebXML Messaging version 3.0, part 1, was passed with 81 members voting, all positive.




Webswell Inc. - Freebxml Registry/Repository support service

  • Installation and configuration of registry and repository together with configuration and customization.
  • Building heterogeneous distributed registries.
  • Content management - creating user-defined, multi-level classification schemes of registry content.
  • Designing queries to registry and repository based on classification schemes, ad-hoc queries and keyword queries.
  • Creating interfaces for Registry/Repository objects handling from your applications.
  • Outsourcing and hosting - we are able to host whole registry/repository solution on

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ebMS V3 tested for B2B in the Automotive Industry

AIAG is supportive of ebMS3 because it enables trading partners to pull for incoming messages, which is very beneficial for smaller trading partners that do not have static Internet IP addresses or do not want to keep their systems turned on all the time. Automotive has invested in both ebMS and Web Services capabilities; ebMS3 should facilitate interoperable data exchange using both transport mechanisms.

Pat Snack, GM Executive Loan AIAG

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OASIS Open Standards Forum: Enabling Transformational Government through Web Services and SOA

UK, London area
29 Oct 2007 - 09:00 - 30 Oct 2007 - 17:00
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