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Practical solutions for eBusiness

The global eBusiness domain presents challenges for open standards and technology as the landscape is diverse, widely distributed and heterogeneous.  That it important to understand in the the standards that are developed and their integration into products, services and solutions. 

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ebXML Webinar Week Generates Interest

Get to know all the standards and their practical application for eBusiness - see this summary on the News page where we show you how ebXML Webinars Generate Co

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Open Source: Hermes Celebrates 5th Birthday with New H2O Launch (CECID)

Hong Kong SAR, Peoples Republic of China - 1 June 2007 - Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID), The University of Hong Kong (HKU) celebrates Hermes’ 5th birthday with the launch of a new open source version of Hermes Messaging Gateway v2.0 (H2O). Thanks to project funding from the HKSAR
Government's Innovation & Technology Commission, Hermes is available as free, open source to users and developers of business-to-business integration and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

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Automated Document Transfer between the DBKK Health Insurance Company and their Business Partners

The German Health Insurance company Deutsche Betriebskrankenkasse (DBKK) has implemented the application Electronic Platform for Medical Aids (EHP), which manages the organisation of business processes between the insurance company and their suppliers. In particular it handles the workflow for the order and delivery of medical devices and aids from medical technology companies. The process includes:

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What you always wanted to know about ebBP in five simple questions...

1. How does ebBP relate to other process standards?

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