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InterSystems adds enterprise SOA Features to Ensemble, including support for ebXML

InterSystems Adds Breakthrough Enterprise SOA Features To Ensemble Rapid Integration and Development Platform

Cambridge Mass. —January 21, 2009—InterSystems Corporation today announced the addition of innovative technology features to its InterSystems Ensemble® rapid integration and development platform. Available immediately, the new capabilities target critical requirements of large-scale enterprises that are building high-performance, complex applications in an SOA environment.

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OASIS CAM implementation - jCAM open source project

XML Processor & Template Editor.

Java and XSLT implementation of the OASIS CAM standard V1.1 (Content Assembly Mechanism) for XML validation & assembly.

Developed using the Eclipse visual framework and editor tools. Includes XSLT tools for ingesting XSD Schema, creating HTML docs, XSD subset, XML test case examples and dictionaries.  Uses the Saxon XSLT processor and supports XPath V2.

The open source toolset is available at:

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