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Advances in ebXML messaging: multihop, AS4

The recent OASIS eGovernment Brussels workshop: Public Finance provided a good overview of recent work on ICT solutions using SOA and Web Services in the public sector. Due to a last-minute cancellation by one of the other speakers, I had the opportunity to present some of the recent work done in the OASIS ebXML Messaging Technical Committee.

This includes some of the work done by the  AS4 subcommittee, which is working on a profile of version 3.0 of ebXML Messaging that focusses on the needs of the EDI data exchange, similar to the AS2 and other EDIINT protocols.

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Quorum Announces Revenue Milestone, ebXML interface

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. announced today that its core recurring operational revenue continues to grow.[..]  Integration Services with General Motors continues to move forward with several key Parts integration points being released in the U.S. in February [..] Parts Invoice Parts Workbench "Parts Invoice" (U.S.) is a new ebXML interface that will all dealerships to view and print invoice reports in XSELLERATOR.

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Think Web Services B2B Is Too Complex? Join the Drummond Group Webinar on AS4 - Feb 25th

Think Web Services B2B Is Too Complex?  Having Trouble Getting Two Different Web Services Apps To Interoperate? Do You Have To Be a Fortune 500 Company To Use Web Services? Drummond Group Announces A Webinar on the NEW Web Services B2B Messaging Standard that Addresses these Problems


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Drummond Group Completes its Eighth ebMS 2.0 Interoperability Certification

Austin, TX-January 19, 2009 - Drummond Group Inc. (DGI), the global
leader in B2B software test lab services, today announced the
completion of its 8th ebMS 2.0 Interoperability test, making available
4 newly certified products from Axway, Cleo Communications, IBM, and
Inovis. Interoperability certification assures customers that products
meet the standard and work together, thereby reducing implementation
time and related costs. For complete release.

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Xenos Named ‘Medallist’ at 2008 BCS IT Industry Awards

Industry peers recognise the first large-scale deployment of ebXML for the Norwegian e-Health Infrastructure. Xenos Group Inc today announced that it has been named a medallist at the 2008 British Computer Society (BCS) IT Industry Awards. Xenos was recognised for its work providing the secure transfer of data over public networks between 3,000 doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation (NAV).

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