ebMS3, AS4, BDX Location and ebCore Party ID Type submitted to EU MSP

The OASIS ebMS3, AS4, BDX Location and ebCore Party ID Type specifications have been submitted to the European Union's Multi Stakeholder Platform for ICT Standardization.

BDX Location

ebCore Party ID Type

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ENTSOG publishes AS4 Usage Profile and reports on their AS4 proof-of-concept

ENTSOG (the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas) has published their updated AS4 usage profile:

They conducted a proof-of-concept involving seven end user companies from six countries, using AS4 software from five solution providers:

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ENTSOG AS4 Workshop

9 Sep 2014 - 10:30 - 16:00
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GBST ebMS Interface

The GBST ebms interface provides the same capability as the GBST SuperStream Gateway but is deployed and used internally within a superannuation fund (ie within the fund’s firewall) for Fund-to-Gateway messaging. This option provides the fund with EBMS 3.0 / AS4 capability for creating and processing EBMS messages, and sending and receiving EBMS messages between the fund and the fund’s gateway.

SuperStream specific rules for ebMS 3.0 / AS4 are enforced and routing of XBRL documents to product specific message queues is also available.

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IQ Group iqMH

iqMH is the envelope for messages. iqMH provides
a messaging service for iqXBRL payloads, using the ebMS V3/AS4 Profile
standards. iqMH also acts as a compliant gateway to send and receive
ebMS packaged SBR/XBRL payloads for the industry. It packs and unpacks
ebMS3/AS4 messages, manages multiple messages, handles authentication
and transport on a 24/7 basis without relying on record keeping systems
being available 24/7

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