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Axway, Flame Computing, IBM, Oracle and Software AG participate in interoperability test event


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AS4: Modernizing B2B Integration with Web Services

9 Dec 2014 - 20:00 - 22:00
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Seeburger: AS4/ebMS 3.0 communications made easy

A modern B2B gateway to your partners

AS4 is quickly gaining traction. AS4, short for Applicability Statement 4, is a so-called Conformance Profile of the ebXML/ebMS 3.0 (Electronic Business Message Services) specification. As such, it is governed by well-known OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards).

As a modern WebServices-based stack of protocols, AS4/ebMS 3.0 offers many advantages over home-grown EDI communications solutions.
Widespread adoption gaining momentum

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e-SENS e-Delivery

The objective of the e-SENS building block “e-Delivery” is to establish a common transport infrastructure suited to the requirements of cross-border communication between e-Government applications in different domains. This common transport infrastructure leverages the work of the previous LSPs and combines their results in a modular approach. The goal is for the infrastructures in use by the other LSPs to converge over time towards this common standard.



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ebMS3, AS4, BDX Location and ebCore Party ID Type submitted to EU MSP

The OASIS ebMS3, AS4, BDX Location and ebCore Party ID Type specifications have been submitted to the European Union's Multi Stakeholder Platform for ICT Standardization.

BDX Location

ebCore Party ID Type

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