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Use of ebXML in Draft CEN Workshop Agreement on e-Business in Fisheries and Aquaculture

The CEN FishBizz (Integration of standards for Traceability and Sale of Seafood Products) Workshop has released the following draft CWA for public review:

CEN CWA XXXX: FishBizz Business Case — For monitoring of quality and sales of fish products

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Broken links in ebXML Messaging Services Version 3.0 Part 1

It's a minor point but I noticed that all the links which contain the directory /ns/ no longer work as that directory is no longer on the website.


ebXML 3 and AS4 products and training



I have been trying to find commerical products which support ebXML 3 and AS4.  Also I have been searching for training courses.  Does anyone here have any ideas?



Holodeck B2B



is anyone using Holodeck B2B messaging platform?  Am trying to get it up and running at the moment.  Having to make alot of changes to the setup so that it matches our deployment platform.


Management of Metadata and XML Schemas for e-Justice interoperability

A paper has been presented at the I-ESA conference on the use of ebXML Core Components and UN/CEFACT Naming and Design Rules for e-Justice. The slides of the presentation show MDW-Lite, a tool to support management of core components, business information entities and generate CEFACT-compliant XML schemas.

From the abstract:

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