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EventAS4: Modernizing B2B Integration with Web Services Pim01 year 44 weeks ago
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News ebMS3, AS4, BDX Location and ebCore Party ID Type submitted to EU MSP Pim02 years 6 weeks ago
News ebMS3, AS4, BDX Location and ebCore Party ID Type submitted to EU MSP Pim02 years 6 weeks ago
NewsENTSOG publishes AS4 Usage Profile and reports on their AS4 proof-of-concept Pim02 years 8 weeks ago
NewsGBST ebMS Interface Pim02 years 22 weeks ago
NewsIQ Group iqMH Pim02 years 22 weeks ago
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NewsAS4 for B2B using Web Services Pim12 years 22 weeks ago
Forum topicSending ebMS 3.0 UserMessage to multiple destinations (multicast pattern) SamVanhoutte12 years 26 weeks ago
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NewsE-CODEX Infrastructure supports Exchange of Criminal Justice Data between Belgium, Netherlands and North Rhine-Westphalia Pim02 years 27 weeks ago
NewsAxway Secures Contract with SuperChoice, Australia’s Leading Superannuation Clearing House Pim02 years 29 weeks ago
EventENTSOG workshop on Interoperability NC data exchange requirements Pim02 years 31 weeks ago
NewsFirst Drummond Certified AS4 Interoperability Test Event Completed Pim02 years 32 weeks ago
NewsOASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC publishes SAML Conformance Clause for AS4/ebMS3 V1.0 as a Committee Specification. Pim02 years 32 weeks ago
NewsENTSOG publishes draft AS4 usage profile Pim02 years 36 weeks ago
ProductjCAM: B2B Content Validation and Assembly toolset for ebXML ebxmlguru12 years 36 weeks ago
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NewsCEN CWA 16667 Reference Architecture 2.0 for eBusiness harmonisation in Textile/Clothing and Footwear sectors Pim03 years 1 week ago
Blog entryNeed to integrate JSON and XML? New CAMeditor v3.0 has the answers ebxmlguru03 years 8 weeks ago
NewsSBR Adopts International eCommerce Standards Pim03 years 9 weeks ago Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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